RISE Music   3-17-2019

*Pre & Post Service Songs
Need to breathe- Signature of the Divine - https://youtu.be/gzeDyXhPn5g
Rend Collective- Rescuer - https://youtu.be/leh-4fCc5MI
Citizen Way- Should’ve Been Me - https://youtu.be/It-hyB1EEI8
Big Daddy Weave- Overwhelmed - https://youtu.be/oMfjDKAqARs
One Sonic Society- Great Are You Lord - https://youtu.be/qKzXZPFBwLQ
No. 56 - Casting Crowns- East to West
Hillsong United- Lead me to the Cross - https://youtu.be/StW6ZKHRCFo
No. 69 - For King & Country- Fix My Eyes